Nusajaya Property, Iskandar Property, Property for sale in Johor Bahru

Singapore Property and Real Estate
Nusajaya Property, Iskandar Property, Property for sale in Johor Bahru

Want to invest in Malaysia, Nusajaya Property or Iskandar Property? Or you prefer to find some property for sale in Johor Bahru? Due tp the blossoming of Iskandar Malaysia which a development region thrice the size of Singapore, Johor property now is selling like a hotcake.

Why investing in Malaysia, Nusajaya Property or Iskandar Property?

Malaysia Iskandar was designed with full infrastructure where living, entertainment, environment and business seamlessly converge within a bustling and vibrant metropolis. Iskandar landscape will include international universities, hospitals, theme parks, as well as residential and lifestyle destinations.
Key highlights for Malaysia Iskandar include the first Legoland in Asia, Hello Kitty Town, the first Sanrio Hello Kitty theme park outside of Japan, integrated lifestyle destination at Puteri Harbour, Asia’s first Pinewood Studios and a premium shopping outlet mall, Motorsports City in Nusajaya which will comprise vehicle showrooms, automotive retail outlets, workshops, a 5km test track, a go-kart track and other automotive-related trades and activities.



MRT proposed for Iskandar Malaysia

A plan to build a 500km mass rapid transit (MRT) system has been proposed to improve the connectivity within Iskandar Malaysia and that the state’s rapid transit system (RTS) is likely to link up with the Thomson MRT Line in Singapore which is likely to be completed in 2018.
MRT proposed for Iskandar Malaysia

Who Are the Iskandar Property Investor?

Wan Abdullah quoted recently, there were five categories of investors who have invested in the property development in Nusajaya.

“The first are Malaysians who are working in Singapore for their convenience of transiting in and out of Malaysia.

“The second are Singaporeans who buy properties as soon as they recognised the world-class developments in Nusajaya.

“The third category was Singaporeans who want to invest in weekend homes as a means of escapism during weekends and festive seasons.

“Expatriates, who are very keen on the array of properties offered in Iskandar Malaysia, are the fourth category.

“Finally, out of the region’s buyers, who are mainly Indonesians, who want to be close to Singapore, perceived as the financial hub


Who are Iskandar Key Property developers?

Iskandar Key Property developers in Nusajaya are including UEM Land, Iskandar Investment Berhad and Mulpha International Bhd, SP Setia, 1 Medini.

Iskandar Property, Nusajaya Property, Property for sale in Johor Bahru

Malaysia Iskandar property is your idyllic urban retreat and the Malaysia’s Pro Investment Real Estate Policies which allow:

Foreign investor to have direct ownership of the property

Mminimum purchase amount for Iskandar Property is just RM500,000

No Property Gain Tax after 5 years of ownership

No withholding tax on property disposal

Repatriation income is allowed

What are you waiting for? Contact us now for more info.


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Property Career, Real Estate Agent License in Malaysia

Singapore Property and Real Estate

Get a Real Estate Agent License in Malaysia and make property selling as your career

How to become a Malaysia Real Estate Agent in Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur? Want to make it as your career and get the real estate agent license?

To get the real estate agent license in Malaysia, you have to sit for a two-part ( each part consists of 6 subjects ) real estate examination offered by the Board of Valuers, Appraisers and Estate Agents, serve a two-year apprenticeship with a registered real estate agent and pass an oral examination ( Test of Professional Competence ).

Eligibility of Candidates:
The pre-requisites required by the Board to be eligible for pursuing the Estate Agents License are listed below.

1. Candidates must be a Malaysian citizen.
2. Candidates must be 17 years of age and above
3. Candidates only need to possess a SPM/MCE qualification with at least 5 subject passes where at least 3 of them should be credit level passes.
One of the subjects with credit must be any of the following:
a) Mathematics
b) Science
c) Accounts
d) Commerce
Other higher qualifications recognized by Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam (03-8885 3365/60/61) or Lembaga Akreditasi Negara (03-7968 7002/57/33) will also be considered.

Malaysia Property Course Contain:

How To Become Malaysia Real Estate Agent in Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur

Diploma in Real Estate (Part 1)
1) Principles of Accounting
2) Principles of Economics
3) Principles and Practices of Marketing
4) Building Technology 1
5) Introduction of Law
6) Property Taxation


Diploma in Real Estate (Part 2)
1) Building Technology 2
2) Estate Agency Laws
3) Property Law
4) Real Estate Agency Practices
5) Principles of Valuation
6) Land Economics


Passing Requirements

  • Students must attend minimum 90% of all classes conducted.
  • Students will be assessed based on grades from class participation, written assignments and exams.
  • Students are encouraged to take all or at the least 2 of the 6 subjects in the respective parts at one exam sitting. Credits are given for the subjects passed and which shall lapse at the end of the third year.
  • A pass in all six subjects in Part 1 of the examination’s set by the Board of Valuers, Appraisers and Estate Agents Malaysia, makes the candidates eligible for Part 2 of the examinations.
  • Students must take the Part 2 examinations not later than 5 years after passing all the subjects in Part 1 of the examinations.
  • Students that have passed all 6 subjects in the Part 2 make the candidates eligible for the Test of Professional Competence.

This course is suitable for :
•New Negotiators
•Developers who need to empower their sales staffs
•Individuals embarking on a new career including senior citizens and semi retiree
•Bankers and other related industries that need to know how the real estate industry works

Candidates may contact the Board of Valuers, Appraisers and Estate Agents Malaysia as stated below for more information.

Board of Valuers, Appraisers And Estate Agents Malaysia
Suite 3B-10-3A, Level 10, Block 3B
Plaza Sentral, Jalan Stesen Sentral 5
Kuala Lumpur Sentral 50470 KUALA LUMPUR
Tel: 03 – 2288 8815 / 2288 8816 / 2288 8817
Fax: 03 – 2288 8819



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Buy Johor Properties, Malaysia Iskandar Properties in Johor Bahru

Singapore Property and Real Estate
Johor Properties, Iskandar Properties in Johor Bahru

Buying Johor Properties, Malaysia Iskandar Properties in Johor Bahru

Nowadays, many foreign investors are looking into buy Johor properties and invest in Malaysia Iskandar properties in Johor Bahru.

With property prices rising in many countries, more foreigner especially Singaporean has begun looking to Malaysia for investment or to buy their second homes. The weakening Malaysian Ringgit, the lure of owning land property and familiarity with the country are the reasons, Singaporean cites for looking north.


The Iskandar Malaysia is set to become Southern Peninsular Malaysia’s most developed region, where living, entertainment, environment and business seamlessly converge within a bustling and vibrant metropolis. Iskandar Malaysia was designated as a special economic zone in Johor in 2006. Besides upmarket housing, plans are in the pipeline to build universities, top-notch medical facilities and theme parks.

Apart from Kota Iskandar, Legoland and Puteri Habour Family Theme Park, nestled within Nusajaya are Educity a spacious campus housing some leading schools and tertiary institutions, including Newcastle, Reading and Southampton universities, Singapore’s Raffles University, Marlborough College, Afiat Healthpark, Medini central business district, Puteri Harbour and Southern Industrial and Logistics Clusters (SiLC).

Johor Properties, Iskandar Properties in Johor Bahru
Iskandar Johor is populated with a multi-lingual (including English) and educated workforce, providing skilled people ranging from the services, technical to the professional sectors. Investors and business operators venturing into Iskandar Johor are able to take advantage of the competitive cost structures of doing business here. Many foreigners are attracted to the residential cities such as Nusajaya, where big houses and a quality lifestyle. Half of the residents in Nusajaya are made up by expatriates and of the foreigners, 80 percent is Singaporean.



Q: What is MM2H programme?

Malaysia My Second Home Programme (MM2H) is promoted by the Government of Malaysia to allow foreigners who fulfil certain criteria, to stay in Malaysia for as long as possible on a multiple-entry social visit pass. The Social Visit Pass is initially for a period of ten (10) years, and is renewable. Foreigners married to Malaysians are not eligible and are required to obtain a spouse permit. Read more …

Q: How can a buyer get financing?

Buyer will be referred to a banker through property agents, sales executives working for the developer, lawyers, or via walk-ins at bank branches.

Q: What is the rate for a home loan?

Rates range from 4 per cent to 6 per cent per annum.

Q: What loan-to-value (LTV) ratio can buyers get?

For foreigners, most financial institutions grant loans of 70 per cent to 80 per cent of the purchase price.

Q: What is the minimum purchase amount?

That depends on the state. It ranges from RM500,000 (S$210,000) to RM1 million.

Q: how much is the stamp duty?

Stamp duty from starting from 1 per cent to 3 per cent for purchases applicable to both local and foreigner

Q: What other fees are there?

There is a tax of 5 per cent if Foreigner sells the house after holding it for less than five years. The tax is 10 per cent if the house is sold within two years.

Buyers also have to pay property tax. This is generally 6 percent of the annual rental value of residential properties and payable in two instalments.

Property experts say that buyers of property in the Iskandar Malaysia project should see their purchases as long-term investments and not expected to realize its potential within the next 5 to 10 years.


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Flipping Houses in Singapore for Fast Real Estate Profit

Singapore Property and Real Estate
Flipping Houses for Fast Real Estate Profit

Flipping Houses for Fast Real Estate Profit is the exact opposite with real estate investors. You can buy a house and then “flip” it to another investor for a small but fast profit,allowing you to reinvest your money and repeat the process. You can also assign contracts for a fee (another form of flipping), allowing another buyer to close on the property in your place.

“flipping houses” as two definitions:

1) The process of *legally* selling a property for a fast profit, sometimes using little or none of your own money

2) The process of *illegally* selling property for an artificially inflated value, often involving a group of criminal appraisers, loan officers, and investors

While the concept of flipping houses is nice, the reality is that so much more is involved in flipping real estate. Without the proper knowledge on how the process works, you could end up being saddled with a house you really do not want to own or end up taking a big loss on the sale of your property.

Flipping Houses for Fast Real Estate Profit
If you are considering real estate investments in general and house flipping in particular there are some things you should keep in mind:
1) You must treat this as a business rather than a hobby. Far too many investors do not take their investments seriously. This is a mistake because in this business time is money and every month that the house isn’t sold is a month that the house is costing you money. Create a plan, make a schedule, and stick to them both.

2) Remember that this is a business. You are not investing in properties to make friends or seem nice. You are in this business to turn a profit. You cannot be timid about making low offers. The ability to buy low and sell high is the lifeblood of this particular business.

3) Pay attention to the market. This is vitally important. Do not buy in an inflated market if it can be avoided unless it is during the very beginning of the inflation (before property developers have the opportunity to create a surplus).

4) Do not allow it to become personal. Far too many first time house flippers decide to create a work of art rather than a business investment. It is tempting when making cosmetic and structural repairs to go ahead and create a dream home. The problem with this is that depending on the particular market you are unlikely to recoup the costs involved in doing so. The goal is to invest little and profit large.

5) Look into getting an option arm mortgage loan with minimum payment. This type of loan program can increase your cash flow by cutting your monthly payment in half! These loans will also allow you to take a small piece of your equity and turn it into a tax deduction by creating deferred mortgage interest.

Whether you want to make money investing in real estate by flipping or fixing houses, you need to understand your market. To get started in your real estate business, go house shopping. You’ll soon learn how to pick up a flip or a fixer and be on your way to making a high return on your money.

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Successful Real Estate Investor Tips

Singapore Property and Real Estate
Singapore real estate investor tips

How to become a successful real estate investor in Singapore?
To be a successful real estate investor in Singapore, which requires being able to find good real estate investment deals and put them together. Your job is not to become an closing attorney, a management expert, or a repair person. Use professionals!

This article shows you the top tips that real estate investors apply to their property portfolio building strategy to ensure success from their investments. You must learn how to appraise and find the true value of real estate this information will help you make better investment decisions. Realtors, appraisers, and banks determine what a property is worth by looking at comparable sales usually three to five sales of similar property that has recently sold in the same neighbourhood. You must be able to do the same.

Getting a list of comparable prices of properties bought or sold (and when it sold) for the neighbourhood you need information about, and asking active real estate investors in your area what the market is like will be helpful and making a better investment decision.
Successful real estate investor tips for Singaporean

What is the ideal market for investing?
There is no such thing as an ideal real estate market for investing. It tends to be more difficult to find bargains in rising markets if the market keeps rising the probability of selling the property quickly for a large profit increases. In contrast but when property values are falling more bargains become available.
You need to be able to assess the true value of properties based on when you expect to sell. Your purchase must be made at a good enough discount to allow for a profitable sale at a later date.

Seek advice
Speak to both the locals in the area and the other ex-pats before you commit to anything, you can learn a lot from other people’s experiences. Also seek professional advice along the way from a reliable company which specialises in buying properties abroad.

Shop Around
In every part of the buying process, make sure that you shop around for everything; finding the house, finding the estate agent, seeking international mortgage advice, the local taxes, the solicitor etc. Always make sure that similar sized houses within the local market are being sold for around the same price range. Take your time and ensure you’ve covered every part of the buying process.

Leverage is very important for investors because the less cash you put down on each property the more properties you can buy. If the properties go up in value your rate of return goes up. However if the properties go down in value and you have a lot of debt on the property this can result in negative cash flow.
Since real estate is generally cyclical negative cash flow is only a short-term problem and can be handled if you have other income or a cash reserves. This makes “Nothing down” investing very helpful to protect against negative cash flow for high leverage investor.
If you are a long term real estate investor leverage will work in your favor if the markets in which you invest appreciate in the long run and your income from the properties can pay for most of your monthly debt.


Strategies to limit risk
To limit risk become educated in your local real estate market first by understanding the large scale trends from global down to national regional and specific neighbourhoods. Learn about target neighbourhoods with the help of successful real estate investors in your area along the way.
Real estate investors can help you interpret market indicators such as the average length of time houses have been on the market this month versus last month or last year. With this information it will help you make better investment decisions.

Exit strategies
It is important not to guess the future of a local real estate market you need to have a clear plan in mind when purchasing property. As a real estate investor you must know exactly how you will exit the property before you buy. And have a backup plan or two in case the first course of action doesn’t work. You must know your market and your plan before you begin to invest.

Profit margins
What levels of capital growth can you realistically gain on your property investment or how much rental income can you generate? Work out these facts and then work backwards towards your initial budget to work out your potential profit margins. At all times you have to keep the bigger picture in mind to ensure that your real estate investment has good potential for profit.

Think long term
Unless you’re buying property off plan and intending to flip it for resale and profit before completion you should view real estate investment as a long term investment. Real estate is a slow to liquidate asset, cash tied up in property is not simple to free up. Take a long term approach to your property portfolio and give your assets time to increase in value before cashing them in for profit.

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Johor Property or Property in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Singapore Property and Real Estate
johor properties

Want to buy Johor Property or Property in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia? What kind of property you intend to invest in Johor or Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia? Are you having trouble making that decision on whether you should buy that nice cluster house or should you get the Semi-D in Johor or maybe buying Condominium in Kuala Lumpur will a better investment?


The property market in the southern state emerged from a hiatus in the second half of last year on growing confidence fuelled by improving economic conditions and expectations of a strong rebound. The future rail network within Iskandar links all the new development zones, become more convenient to work in Singapore and live in Johor.


Johor properties also surroundings with the potential it could offer to youths through Legoland Malaysia, Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studios, Newcastle University Medicine campus, University of Southampton campus as well as hospitals.


Compare to Johor properties, properties in Kuala Lumpur are comparatively open real estate laws and extremely low cost of living has seen foreign investors pour into KL over recent years. Investors have been seeing consistently good returns on their investments as the city’s burgeoning expatriate population pushes up demand for residential property.


Property prices have risen by between 15 and 30 percent in total over the last five years, although growth has become more modest in the past 12 months. KL’s fundamentals however, are still strong and one of the city’s key draws was highlighted recently by a recent report compiled by Swiss bank UBS.


Both foreigners and local investors are subject to similar property regulations. Financing is available for foreign investors once potential purchasers show proof of possessing some source of income to enable repayment. For foreigners, the maximum loan normally allowed is 80 per cent and the term of the loan depends on the age of the purchaser. Those looking to buy a condominium in Kuala Lumpur are currently looking at a range of between US$ 150,000 and US$ 350,000 for mid-range units.


We handle every aspect of letting, renting, selling and buying various types of properties, you can easily find a house, apartment, condominium, factory, shop house, shop office, land and even auction properties of your choice easily. Our listings are always updated and your search for any forms of real estate is made convenient and easy with just a few clicks away.


We are ready to serve, to strengthen ourselves, and to enhance the value of properties especially in Johor Bahru and Kuala Lumpur. Your support is our success in this current competitive industry.



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